sexta-feira, abril 29, 2016

Harmoniuos disagreement ( I dreamt about you last night)

Harmoniuos disagreement:

We are not just brains, we are also boddies, when I woke up this evening The first feeling I had was one of solitude. Then I sat in front of a laptop screen and I started to watch some videos and lectures on youtube. After that, cause I couldn't stop thinking of what we did last night I felt empty again. This is not because I feel something bad about last night but quite the contrary, I feel like that feelling of last night won't come back so soon, nor if it's gonna happen again. I feel empty and grim cause it feels like I've taken a part in  this great act of love, this magical moment, this mystical event that will take some time to happen again, if it ever happens... One can have the so called spiritual moment without believing in the spirit, a great contemporary philosopher says. I wish I could have the guts to send you this message. I also feel empity cause I'm not gonna see you tonight, besides I have let you down I guess cause we had a business appointment that I missed, and I know that this appointment means a lot to you.

Changing the topic: you are so beautiful and the charm in the way you hide is... I couldn't stop thinking of you today so I decided to make a list of songs named after you.  Accidentaly I mean, making that list I came a cross a band called Cigarettes after sex, and their songs are so mellow... so mellow like your voice, like your smile, like your mouth and your breasts...

Coming back to what I recall from last night your boddy is poetry, the best one ever written, then I feel like reading you more, trying you more, listening to you more, I can't help it...I wasn't expecting so much joy in one night I guess...The problem perhaps is that I'll never know what really meant to you last night...By the way, you're gorgeous.

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