sábado, janeiro 16, 2016

The Japanese tradition of wabi-sabi offers an inspiring new way to look at your home, and your whole life. (by Robyn Griggs Lawrence, from Natural Home September-October 2001)

"Wabi-sabi reminds us that we are all transient beings on this planet—that our bodies, as well as the material world around us, are in the process of returning to dust. Nature’s cycles of growth, decay, and erosion are embodied in frayed edges, rust, liver spots. Through wabi-sabi, we learn to embrace both the glory and the melancholy found in these marks of passing time."


"en la noche sigo encendiendo sueños"...

quarta-feira, janeiro 13, 2016

Pasas por el abismo de mis tristezas (Amado Nervo)

"Pasas por el abismo de mis tristezas
como un rayo de luna sobre los mares,
ungiendo lo infinito de mis pesares
con el nardo y la mirra de tus ternezas.

Ya tramonta mi vida; la tuya empiezas;
mas, salvando del tiempo los valladares,
como un rayo de luna sobre los mares
pasas por el abismo de mis tristezas.

No más en la tersura de mis cantares
dejará el desencanto sus asperezas;
pues Dios, que dio a los cielos sus luminares,
quiso que atravesaras por mis tristezas
como un rayo de luna sobre los mares."

(Amado Nervo)

terça-feira, janeiro 12, 2016

David Bowie by Dinosaur Jr

I'm drawing between the light and dark
Where others see their targets
I can't see anything
Should I leave the engine on
To listen to that mountain song
Sinking in the quicksand of my thoughts
And I ain't got the wagon anymore