sábado, abril 23, 2016

Happily sad

We live on an unstable ground therefore we must accept this. "What need is there to weep over parts of life? The whole of it calls for tears."said Seneca. This quote fits perfectly to this Friday. I came to realize that is quite interesting when you find people who embrace sadness like you, today, for instance, I’ve been to Tim Burton’s exhibition then I realized that a genius like him also suffers and is aware of our  precarious life.  I also went there with a distinguished friend, I assume, which I happened to admire and feel a great intellectual affinity. She also shared some of her melancholy towards life in tiny little drops, I might say.
I guess is really hard to share intimacy with someone you have barely met. It sounds nice that she relies on me to talk about herself and her troubles. Besides, she doesn’t think life is simple like most people do. I guess confessions mean friendship. Of course it was not just about sadness or grief, our friendly and accidental date was also about sharing great stories and getting to know more each other and learning more about our inner selves. I think I also learned something about her different perspectives on Tim Burton’s art. I felt so excited that I had to drop some lines down about  this perfect day which is gone now.

My friend P. also took some notes of the exhibition and copied some of Tim Burton’s sketches and drawings. They are awesome and now they are all in my little notebook. The one that A. gave me and I took to  the beach on new years eve. In this little notebook I’ve been assembling some thoughts and jotting down some notes about reading La vida breve. Those drawings and sketches made me  guess she is also quite kind and gifted. I’m also really thankful and grateful for her help. I mean, her company itself helps me put some things in perspective, hopefully. All in all, the whole life is bittersweet because it is temporal and ephemerous perhaps. 

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