quarta-feira, agosto 04, 2010

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" A criança no limiar do labirinto" Jeanne Marie Gagnebin
An interesting approach to some of Benjamin's writing, taht is, "Crônica Berlinense" and later "Infância am Berlim por volta de 1900"

"No se culpe a nadie" Cortázar
the vicissitudes, that is, tha ups and downs of routines and habits, life as a labirinth? life as a nightmare? Inside out is it all the same?
"The Ditcher und das phantasieren" ("The relation of the poet to the day-dreaming", Escritores criativos e devaneio") Freud
Freud and I argue a lot but at this time he might have brought up some reasonable aspects of the writing act. Somehow, unconcious work embodied in aesthetic labor entails writing fiction and this complex and unconcious endeavor shapes and makes taboos and other issues pleasant to be savored (to recall Barthes, saber, sabedoria e sabor ou qualquer coisa similar em francês)

Malditos!, pinches franceses!, diriam os mexicanos mais sabidos, sempre termino com um deles e um dia vou ter de aprender francês - talvez depois do árabe e do yidish, jajajajajaja)

I wonder what Ginsberg has to say about that!
P.S. I'm still reading "the book of memory" Auster

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