terça-feira, junho 04, 2013

Temporary relief

To Bia and Dag, my role models.
Evasive... I feel far away from writing  and reading these days - that is, everything seems so complicated.(studying, don't even mention... I feel like a professional slacker but regreting...). Today I've got good news: they've called me back from an English school wich I'd love to work for. So they said: I had  succeeded in the writing test (I believe in miracles) besides, they asked me if I want to keep on going through alll the procedures for being hired, eventually. You know the rest, steady job, prompt pay day, paid vacations ... It's being a long time I do not know what these things mean. I guess there is hope for me.

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FabiEO disse...

! There's always hope for us !!!! Love you.