sexta-feira, maio 07, 2004

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Prisoner Abuse
After the American taking over Iraq and the Sadam regime ending Americans face another issues. The image of the paladins of justice has been stained over the prisoner abuse scandal. Besides media inquiries intensively about their excuses or alibi to begin the war in the first place.
The scandal news weakens American international policy in addition international community appears to be concerned about prisoners’ human rights in Iraq. Before this war Americans were well known as defenders of the human rights however now it seems like they are on the other side.
Finally news headlines are underlining USA alibi to develop the war. The government discourse towards Iraq arsenal weapons of mass distructions was forged. Last but not least the other reason to begin the war is not clear any longer. If Americans were worried about democracy and human rights in Iraque, what are they doing to set this standards there?

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