sábado, fevereiro 13, 2016

Lunatic ( the longest night before the sun rises )

At the window of my bedroom I can see the lights of the city saturday night. The houses and the apartments' lights. I can see the waning crescent lively. Such a marvelous scene, such a fantastic site, chilly and quiet. I can hear some humming, of course, engines, cars and buses taking the workers back home, delivering them at work, taking the clubbers to enjoy the night, some dogs barking fading away far away, a cat meowing alternately ceasing pretty close. There's also this sound of the tires rubbing the asphalt. The moon whitering shining. The dogs barking. The cat missing. There are no conflicts, only in my mind, only to my mind. I also recall some lyrics: "luna menguante pide un deseo" Frida Kahlo and Dr Gachet are watching me.

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