sexta-feira, janeiro 09, 2009


I've watched this movie a couple of times (literally), first, it seems that it is in favor of some politics that people still think is a legitimate left (specially in Latin America, of couse due to historical reasons), but I was mislead like there has been some misunderstandings on this movie, in fact tons of it. To begin with, is not a documentary but a sort of pseudo-docunentary, if you will, a movie-thesis (my favorite type of documetary, where/when the author doesn't pretend to be neutral, such as, Societé d'espetacle or Nós que aqui estamos por vós esperamos or Columbine), (un)fortunately, this very one, Surplus is even better because the author show his point of view, which is none of the characters of the so call left, have a solution because they're ahistorical, Fidel is shown, as well as, the CEO of microsoft, as dictator and the American Anarchist (blame for the events in Seattle) just wants what Rosseau, Proudohn and all the idealists wanted, or if you wiil , wants. The beauty of it isthat only one aspect of this struggle is undebatable, that is the crelty of capitalism. Last but not least, what annoys people, which is its form is clearly (at least to my mind) a critique on mass media, as well, because that techinique/ language is the same that is displayed 24X7 over and over, on and on and turn ourselves into plainly consumers - it seems like nobody paid attention to the subtitle of the movie.

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