terça-feira, novembro 04, 2008

Miss ya all a bunch

Because it's been evening all day long
Seth Meredith Clau Doug Rob Beth Joe Bill Bob Mark Shean Mike David Berman and Isaac

Troubles, no troubles, on the line,

& I can't standto see you,

I can't stand to see you

when you'recrying at home.

Scotch & penicillin, please try

a cold black maple hanger

& husbandson the run

I just got back from a dream

that took me by surprise & in there
I met a lady,

her name was Shady Sides

& shesaid, "It's been evening all day long, evening
all day long & how can something so old be so

Sin and gravity drag me down to sleep
to dream of trains across the sea,

trains acrossthe sea.

Half hours on earth, what arethey worth, I don't know.

In 27 years
I've drunk fifty thousand beers & they just
wash against me like the sea into a pier.

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